Mission Statement


To provide financial services, consultations and products offering to the Palestinian and Regional markets, these will be delivered with high quality in mind through the solid knowledge and relevant industry experience of those involved in this company and in partnership with specialized companies with market leading solutions.

Foreword From Management


Pioneers Allied Corporation (PAC) was started up with the goal of provisioning relevant best in class solutions, services and consultancy to meet our clients’ and their customers current and future business needs. We aim to assist our clients in identifying opportunities for growth and advising them on effective use of existing channels. We will dynamically adapt our offerings, solutions and services to fulfill their business needs.


Our management and board have mapped out a strategic journey for the company closely aligned to a business strategy; we are committed to this vision and are determined to succeed, we will use our skills and engage our primary drivers towards ensuring successful delivery at the highest quality levels.

Any good idea without vision, grit, determination and hard work is just that a good idea, it is given impetus on the journey to success with the aforementioned essential catalysts. We add on top; intelligent analysis of the market conditions backed up with our specialised knowledge of the local market, its characteristics, the rules and regulations, the local customs and language, the needs, the competition and the trends to identify, propose and satisfy the business needs for the targeted market segments.

We have forged partnerships and are continuously identifying potential opportunities to ensure we always provide best in breed, specialized offerings to our customers.


At all times we are committed to delivering at the highest levels of quality, reminding ourselves of this with our motto “Excellence is an intrinsic part of our offering".